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Palau is located in the Western Pacific and can be reached through several different airlines. Continental arrives daily via Guam fed by connections from Hawaii and Japan, plus two flights a week from Manila. China Airlines provides flights from Taipei, and Delta by way of Japan. Palau trades in US currency, is served by the United States Post Office, and English is almost universally spoken.

The best time of year to dive Palau is November through June. The prevailing "trade winds" that time of year blow from the north east, leaving the south west side of the islands, where all the most famous dive sites are located, in the lee, with little wind. This almost insures calm water. Conversely, during the remaining months, July through October, the winds are usually from the south west, thus blowing on shore at the best dive areas. While usually not strong enough to affect diving, these winds occasionally blow hard enough to make diving difficult to impossible, for up to a week at a time. This is the reason many divers avoid Palau this time of year, preferring the "high season", November through June, to assure getting in the dives for which Palau has become famous. We choose not to book Eclipse July through October, but Safari is available since she has the capability of crossing the barrier reef any time of the day to seek a calm anchorage should the wind and sea state become too rough to remain outside in the open ocean.

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